Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Welcome to Weekday Warriors

The Weekday Warriors Bass Club fishes the lakes of central North Carolina on Wednesdays throughout the season.  The season starts in March and completes at the end of October.  Our focus is on providing quality competitions that follow the highest standards of sportsmanship.  This site is open to the public and registration is absolutely free.  Just click the Register link (top right of the screen).  We do hold open wildcat events as well and by registering, we will be able to notify you of upcoming events

So if you are retired, have an unusual work schedule, or just plain tired of the weekend tournament crowd, WWBC might be just what you are looking for.  Look around the site, ask any questions you might have by using the Contact Us form, or call Roy Barrow @ Wacky Riggers  - (704) 792- 9066.  

News and Views
2016 Season is set and ready to roll!

The Weekday Warriors 2016 Season is ready to get started.  The club established the schedule and a few rule changes for 2016.

New lakes and more events added

We will fish the usual Yadkin chain of Badin, Tuckertown, and High Rock but the club voted to add three other lakes into the rotation - Tillery, Norman, and Randleman.  We voted to move to two tournaments in the months of July and August instead of just one as in years past.

The season is divided into 4 quarters - March/April - May/June - July/August - September/October.  We will fish the 3 Yadkin lakes and one of the new lakes during each quarter (See the actual schedule on the Event Schedule).  Each of the new lakes will count as DOUBLE point events (Team of the Year points)

Big Bass Prize from Kernersville Dodge!

Kernersville Dodge (Blake and Jerry) is once again kicking in a prize fund of $1000 for the big fish pot.  This year the pot will be divided in half ($500) and awarded for the big fish for the 1st half of the season and $500 for the 2nd half of the season.  So $500 to the biggest bass caught in March/April/May/June and $500 for the biggest bass of July/August/September/October.  Thank you for your incredible support to the club!  

New Tournament Times

The club voted to change starting times based on changing light conditions this year.  In March, all events will begin at 8 AM.  Each month afterwards will move the starting time back 1/2 hour until we reach 6 AM in July and August.  In September, we start moving forward 1/2 hour.  Please note the starting times listed on the Event Schedule page.

Sub Rule

There were no changes to last year's sub rule - each team may have 1 person listed as their official sub.  Everytime the sub is used, the club will collect a $15 sub fee.  No subs are permitted during the championship.  Club members from different teams are not permitted to fish as a team in an event UNLESS their old teams are disbanded and they wish to form a NEW team.  No points will carry forward from the old teams to the new team.

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